In red - step by step

August 13th, 2013

Usually, when I want to paint something, I find the perfect reference photo, and then start painting. While making "In red", I didn't really have an idea what I wanted it to be. But when I found the music that suited it, the painting started creating itself. Sometimes, it's like I'm not even in charge :)

This is my reference photo.


1. The base

Just a sketch, and the basic colors. I wanted to make a really light painting, in white, light blue, and golden hues, but I just got this gorgeous dark carmine red paint and had to use it. The woman kind of looks like an old lady here.


2. Doing some more details and laying down more colors

Since I'm not going with the light colores I wanted in the begining, I started with some bolder purple, blue and green shades around that carmine. Still not happy with her face.


3. A few errors

Sometimes, when I'm really tired and exhausted, but really want to paint too, I make mistakes, and use colors I shouldn't. But, in the end, it usually turns out for the best. The "wrong" colors turn out to be a good basis for something else...
The dark red is what didn't really work here. And it was late at night, hence the bad photo quality.


4. Going crazy with the colors

Since my music selection started to kick in, and I had some leftover torquise and yellow from painting Easter eggs, I added it to the painting. This turned out not to be a mistake :)


5. Finishing details and final touches

I still have a few details to work on before I call it finished. Sometimes, it's really hard to stop and decide when a painting is completed. This was also photographed at night, since I mostly worked on it after work.


6. The finished piece

When I first looked at the reference photo I used, I had no idea I'd make a painting like this. Sometimes, your imagination really surprises you, and takes you place you never thought it could.