Bits and pieces - step by step

July 31st, 2013

I'll try to describe each step (or the basic ones). Unfortunatelly, I didn't take a photo of the intial sketch. But the first painting stage wasn't far from it.

1. The sketch

I took a bunch of screencaps from the movie, chose the right one and found a paper piece I wanted to use. This is my reference photo. I divided the photo into 8 parts - first split it horizontally, then vertically in half, then divided each part again, until I had 8 pieces. Then I made my sketch, following the same grid system, making sure all parts of my sketch matched the ones on the screenshot.

2. The color base

Laying down the basic colors, still not sure what I'll do with the background.

Filling some more of the background, and Dredd...


3. Working on her face

Since the face is the hardest part (for me), this is where I'll start. Just doing the details and laying down more color. Adding pink for the midtones, and some greenish for shadow reflections.

Going crazy with the background. This is the part where the name of the painting was created.


4. More face details

Face is never just a one-day or one-sitting thing for me. It's exhausting and I need a break before going back to work on it. But this time I'm almost done with it. The more I paint, the faster this goes...


5. The man in the background

Oh, yay, some blurry goodness! I really wanted him to be shiny and cool, but at the same time blurry and barely visible. And I wanted the X to stand out. Didn't took more photos of this, because it was basically done in a few hours.
On another note, I have about 10 other screenshots of Anderson looking beautiful and blurry Dredd lurking in the background.


6. The final touches

Now that I'm almost done with him, I have to finish the shiny part of the armour, and work on her hair. That's it!

The end result, scanned: