A drawing a day challenge II.

January 13th, 2018

Yes, I decided to do it again. To go through drawing or painting every day, and this time I decided to up the scale. Since it was really hard for me to think of themes for the drawings last time, I decided to let other people choose my themes. But how would I motivate them to help me out? I would let them keep the drawing I created.

I had a much better plan than last time - I would draw each day, and I wouldn't let myself get stuck in over-detailed drawings or paintings. Also, my baby finally started sleeping a little bit better, so I knew I wouldn't be as tired. Still, it was far from easy. Some of the themes people suggested were pretty complex (for example, "duality of human nature"), and required quite a bit of research before I was able to even start drawing. So about 50% of the time I spend on each drawing was research, looking through photos I might use as a reference, or finding that one song that would fit the mood of the drawing perfectly.

But this time, I had almost no cheat days, and a lot of drawings had an an actual message and a deeper meaning. Plus, it made other people happy :)

Here are the results. I'm proud to say I didn't skip a day, and even if I'm not as satisfied with every drawing, I'm pretty happy with the challenge in general. Can't wait for next year!


The drawings:

Day 1
Wonderwoman, for Ana
Day 2
White chalk on black board (my kid’s)
Day 3
Dancer, in watercolors
Day 4
Some digital painting flowers
Day 5
A shot from the Black Balloon video by Goo Goo Dolls
Day 6
Kiss, for Gaby
Day 7
A Handmaid’s Tale
Day 8
A Prism, for Mia
Day 9
A dreamer
Day 10
The Thinker, for Barbara
Day 11
A cat, for Iva
Day 12
Shoes, for Petit
Day 13
For Bernarda
Day 14
For Slaven
Day 15
For Ivana
Day 16
Something biblical for Barbara
Day 17
Castiel for Ana
Day 18
A wolf for Dražen
Day 19
Darth Vader for Ružica
Day 20
Duality of human nature for Dorian
Day 21
A pineaple for Mia
Day 22
Gaby’s dog
Day 23
A raccoon selling lemonade for Teuta
Day 24
From Beck’s Loser video, for dad
Day 25
A girl with her cat, for Lana
Day 26
God, for Matej
Day 27
Benji for Kristina
Day 28
Lovers for Ina
Day 29
My cat Romeo
Day 30
Loving rain for Sandra
Day 31
A fairy for Arijana