Autumn II - step by step

September 22nd, 2015

I'm actually using this opportunity to present some new sketches for my first concept project I'm very excited about... I'll be revealing more info about it bit by bit.


1. Autum II

It's not easy, painting something you already painted, on a bigger canvas, almost two years later. But it was fun. Here is the first painting: Autumn I

And here are the steps:

a. Sketch


b. Working in the colors


c. A close up


d. Almost done...


e. Finished painting:


2. Bonus

So, here are two sketches, a beginning of my first concept series... What is this concept series? You'll find out!

a. Daisies

Red chalk and white pastel for highlights on A4 Canson tinted paper


b. Comfort

Coal on A4 Canson tinted paper